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Peter Baumgärtner: DrumsChange language

Peter BaumgärtnerHailing from the Black Forest, Peter has been living in the Düsseldorf area for twentynine years. He studied under Billy Brooks at the renowned Swiss Jazz School.

An experienced jazz drummer, Peter has worked with Silvia Droste, John Goldsby (WDR Big Band), Norbert Gottschalk, Matthias Nadolny, Lydia van Dam, Jack van Poll, Peter Weniger, Beverly Daley, Klaus Osterloh, Axel Fischbacher, John Marshall (WDR Big Band), the Sultans of Swing, the Düsseldorf’s Kommödchentheater, and the Hair musical – to name but a few. His work has been recorded in a wide variety of CD, radio and TV productions.

Peter Baumgärtner


For the last 17 years, Peter has been organising and heading the performing side of the Hilden Jazz Days. www.hildener-jazztage.de. In the moment he is planing the festivalissue number 18 in 2010.

As one vice chairman of the city’s Jazz in Düsseldorf association, he was also responsible for the programme the last 12 years at the Düsseldorf Jazzschmiede, which has since developed into a jazz club of world renown.

Since 17 years he is a companion in the event company sensitive colours.
In fall 2008 he newly founded in Ratingen the Vocalfestival “ Voices”, which was a great success. www.voices-ratingen.de


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